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You were able to captivate an audience of more than 75 people for an extensive four hours. The feedback received from our franchisees after the meeting was very encouraging…the presentation was intelligent, engaging, entertaining, and motivating.”
– Cam Engles, President, Marble Slab Creamery – Canada

Franchise Speaker Scott Greenberg helps small business owners develop the mindset for success.

Motivational Franchise Speaker Scott Greenberg has been inspiring business leaders, entrepreneurs, franchise owners and managers for almost two decades with his authentic, down to earth messages backed by real world business experience. Scott provides a unique blend of humor, inspiring stories, and business savvy to every keynote presentation and workshop. Applying many of the techniques he teaches in his seminars, Scott has built a successful “Edible Arrangements” enterprise. His stores have won the company’s “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards and regularly rank among the top grossing units in California.

Why do some franchisees thrive while others struggle?

When business is down, it’s tempting to blame external factors like the economy or the competition. Other franchisees question operations, marketing strategy and corporate policy. These are the issues discussed by most franchise speakers.

What too many business owners ignore is the third factor for success – the internal elements. These are the mental/emotional processes that impact our decisions and management style. These include our level (or lack) of optimism, our resilience when faced with adversity, and our ability to communicate. They include our patience when it comes to marketing, and our trust when it comes to corporate initiatives.

The internal elements are all of the intangible yet critical factors we bring into our business, and often they’re what distinguish those who achieve from those who don’t.

The Mindset For Franchise Success

Unlike the other elements impacting our business, we have complete control over our mindset. As a veteran motivational business speaker and award-winning, multi-unit franchisee with Edible Arrangements (more about Scott), Scott can relate to your franchisees’ struggles and give them tools to improve their business.

Scott helps franchisees:

  • Lead with courage instead of fear
  • Take responsibility instead of assigning blame
  • Embrace change rather than resist it
  • Identify, recruit and manage great employees
  • Serve themselves by first serving their customers
  • Find greater meaning and fulfillment in running their business

What Scott Will Bring To Your Event:

1) Connection With Your Group – Scott is more than a speaker. He’s an active franchisee who’s in the trenches. He’s experienced the ups and downs of small business and understands the delicate franchisee/franchisor relationship. He managers employees, markets his business and crunches numbers. Scott understands the franchise experience.

2) Experience On Stage- You need more than a franchise expert. You need a franchise speaker. Scott has been speaking full-time for over two decades to a variety of groups. (See his client list.) He’s spoken in 48 U.S. states as well as in Canada, Aruba, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia.

Franchise Speaker

Scott winning the Edible Arrangements “Best Customer Service” award.

In addition to franchisees, he’s presented to sales professionals,customer service agents, educators, CEO’s, attorneys, managers, students and military personnel all over the world. He’s presented in hotel ballrooms, theaters, cruise ships, stadiums, sports arenas and gyms. He’s spoken though blackouts and AV problems. He’s lengthened and shortened presentations to get meetings  back on schedule. He once even helped an audience refocus after being attacked by a swarm of bees!

He’s adapted to large groups, small groups, rowdy groups, drunk groups and exhausted groups. He’s been doing this a long time, so you can feel confident in his professionalism and flexibility.

3) Life Experience – In addition to being an award winning franchisee, Scott has lived through some remarkable experiences that inform his presentations. (Read more about Scott.) His programs are filled compelling stores and valuable lessons that inspire audiences both professionally and personally.

4) Customized Content –  Scott will adapt his expertise to your audience. He’ll ask questions, interview franchisees, conduct surveys and do whatever it takes to learn about your group and deliver content that speaks directly to their experience.

5) Easy Collaboration – No divas here! Putting on a meeting is stressful enough without having to jump through hoops for your speaker. Scott will do as much as he can on his end to minimize special requests and make your life easy.

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